On April 27, the European Union health commissioner advised Europeans to postpone nonessential to the United States or Mexic. This followed the discovery of the first sonfirmed case in Spain. On May 6, 2009,  the Public Health Agency of Canada announced that their National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) had mapped the genetic code of the swine flu virus, the first time that was done. In England, the National Health Service launched a website, the National Pandemic Flu Service, allowing patients to self-assess and get an authorization number for antiviral medication. The system was expected to reduce the burden on general practitioners.

US officials observed that six years of worrying about H5N1 avian flu did much to prepare for the current swine flu outbreak, nothing that after H5N1 emerged in Asia, ultimately killing about 60% of the few hundred people infected by it over the years, many countries took steps to try to prevent any similar crises from spreading further. The CDC and other American governmental gaps in the public health safety net before flu season started in early autumn. Preparations included planning a second influenza vaccination program in addition to the one for seasonal influenza, and improving coordination between federal, state, and local governments and private  health  providers.


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